A Lesson in Frame

Andrew Tate gets it right by hard-nexting his girl after she shit-talked him and his brother:

As a man you need to define clear boundaries with your women and you need to enforce them. Consistently. She will test them. She needs to feel that you will enforce them. It makes her feel safe and it’s an opportunity for her to “rub up against your internal strength” like a cat might rub up against your leg.

Withdrawing attention for a few moments, days, or permanently – depending on the infraction – is the best tool we as men have to enforce our boundaries and demonstrate our leadership to our women. It’s the prime example of leading in the daughter / daddy dynamic.

I see men fall down on this all the time. You have to enforce boundaries. And you have to be willing to leave your women at any time if she crosses the line.

Keep your game sharp so you always have options, and keep your frame sharp so you always enforce your boundaries.

Author: Magnum


2 thoughts on “A Lesson in Frame”

  1. IMO his response is vast overkill, especially in response to a text message. She may have been more playful than she comes off via text.

    I’d want to see more context for this. If she’s been a bitch in general, then yeah, her comment could be the last straw. I’ve been in positions where an otherwise anodyne text or statement pushes me over the edge. Otherwise, it’s either a playful comment or a mild shit test to be batted away.


    1. Fair comment. Tate actually had more context on twitter, but the key point for me is she crossed his line, whatever that entails, and he enforced a harsh next. We all have to define our own boundaries and enforce them consistently and without hesitation – that’s the lesson. Having abundance through game makes this easier


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