Magnum's Rules of Retention

@beamanforreal summed up in a tweet something I’ve been thinking about for a while:

Most guys are interested in Game 1.0. Simply getting the girl. Overall, very few guys get to the point where they can get laid with attractive new women consistently. And when guys get finally do get laid they tend to want to “lock her down” either out of scarcity or laziness.

Even players are known to get oneitis for a girl who’s “not like the rest” and want to settle down. It’s a natural tendency for most men at some point. It’s happened to me. But do it wrong and you lose the frame and become beta over time.

I’d say I’m solidly in Game 2.0 above, and starting to experiment with Game 3.0. I’ve been able to keep multiple women that I want to keep around on my own terms (Little me is 20 and have been seeing her for 2 years, artsy girl is 21 and have been seeing her for 1 year, the Singaporean is 29 and have been seeing her for 1 year, girls 4 & 6 from NYC last Feb are ready to meet when I return this summer, etc)

Here then are the rules I’ve developed for keeping the girls I want in my life. There’s a lot underneath and these things are an art and take practice:

  1. You have to have strong frame. She comes into your world or you next her. She has to feel this from you.
  2. You can’t give a fuck. You don’t get jealous or controlling. You have to be willing to walk at any time. You should truly feel that it’s her loss if she doesn’t see you or get time with you.
  3. You have to be sleeping with at least 1-2 other women. Women can tell when they’re your only source of pussy and it’s poison to the proper dynamic. This includes non-verbally letting them feel that you’re with other women but doing little things like living girl hair in your place.
  4. You have to maintain some mystery. Don’t overshare all the details of your life, save that for close friends. Keep her guessing. She has to wonder what you’re doing when you’re not around. Let her mind fill in the blanks.
  5. Being with you has to be a positive experience. Time spent with you is the reward. Mix it up and never do the same thing twice or go to the same places, do what you want to do, but keep things constantly fresh and exciting.
  6. Fuck her good and make her cum. Every time. Mix up the sex and keep it exciting. One time may be a marathon fuck around your place (not just the bedroom), another may be a quickie in a public restroom. One time tie her up and spank her before fucking her, another time keep it more emotional and connective. Again keep her guessing but feeling excitement.
  7. Don’t see them more than once a week. Less is often better. Mix it up and don’t see them the same day of each week every damn time (don’t let her think she’s your “Saturday girl” or whatever). Give her the gift of missing you between the amazing times together. Traveling helps with this, although if you let it go more than 2 weeks or so and you don’t have a strong bond you will lose some from your orbit.
  8. Don’t call or text her except to schedule the next date. I usually text and schedule dates with girls early in the week, and then confirm the day of. That’s it. She should be pinging you more than you ping her. If she’s the type to text you a lot take a day or two before replying once in a while. Your attention is a reward, dole it out randomly and sparingly and she will value it much more. There should be times when she doesn’t hear from you for 3-4 days or more.
  9. Never schedule the next date while you’re with her on the last one. End the date and leave her wondering when she’s going to see you again.
  10. Give her compliance tests that cause her to invest. Make her come to you. Make her bring a dessert when she comes over, or wear a particular thing or do her hair a certain way. Make her do whatever it is you want in the bedroom. Give her little homework assignments. Have her clean your apartment. Give her the gift of pleasing you. This is a foundation for the Game 3.0 above when you get girls to crave your pleasure.
  11. Every 1-2 months throw in a pinch of drama. This is advanced game and needs to be calibrated but if things get too comfortable the passion slides. I’ve had this come up naturally with certain events, but at other times I throw in a little as well to keep things spicey. Women crave and need a little drama just like they crave and need rough sex. You’re giving her a taste of what you want.
  12. There has to be times of genuine connection. It’s not worth bothering with the above if you don’t connect with the girl on a deeper level (for me it’s about 10% of girls, and then many of those I’ve dropped over time). This connection comes naturally so it isn’t so much something you do but something you both feel. But you can’t let it become oneitis or drop any of the above rules. Let her feel that this could grow, but then make her work for it and keep the rewards and progression random.

There’s more to it but I’m not going to put it all in a public blog. Welcome your thoughts and comments.

Author: Magnum

15 thoughts on “Magnum's Rules of Retention”

  1. My kids are older and I just moved back to the downtown area of my Midwest college town a couple weeks ago. So, I finally have the logistics that I want and I’m at game 1.0. It will take years to develop the type of relationships that you and RedQuest discuss. Frankly, I don’t know if it is worth it to me.

    I finished reading “Pimp” after seeing your review and liked it. The author writes about having a “bottom girl” to manage a guy’s portfolio of ladies. This seems like game 3.0 as discussed above.

    BlackDragon refers to women striving for “queen” status. This seems more like a competition between ladies, maybe game 2.0.

    Anyway, the concepts are fascinating to me. If my life meanders down the game 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0 path, I don’t think that it will be for the sex. It will be for the power. The ability to truly mind-fuck chicks, similar to the way that crazy women normally mind-fuck guys. The nice-guy part of me wants to think that I’ll providing her an experience and that it’s what she wants. I know that it won’t be about her though, it will be about me. To get to 2.0 and then 3.0, I’ll have to embrace a dark-side of my psyche that ladies need.

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    1. Women are definitely attracted to my dark side. But it needs to be balanced with a degree of benevolence. It’s a journey…look forward to hearing about yours

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  2. Great post. Point 9 cannot be overstated. It is incredibly important to convey to her that we have a world independent of hers. By not making future plans during the current date, you’re implying that you have to compare her against your existing schedule, all the while making your interest in her a mystery.

    As I write this, I’m understanding the concept of “congruency” at a deeper level. The reason players don’t get shit tested in the same way that beginner players do is due to all the nuances of their words and gestures. All the subtleties underneath a good tease, a deep challenging, or a lack of judgement signal to her that we are congruent in playing the unflinching role of a masculine being. She knows we offer her a reliable world in which she can fully express her femininity; it’s only a question of whether she’s willing to fall into the frame that world demands.

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  3. You have to use your instincts here there’s no formula. It should match where you are with the girl and who she is. It can be little things like an offhand comment “I don’t know about you sometimes…” and then refusing to explain if she asks. It can be cancelling plans or not replying to her texts for a while. Improvise. This is not soft nexting or punishing bad behaviors. It is adding a bit of sour to make the sweet even better. The key point is it should be done in small doses…maybe once a month if things are going too smoothly


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