Magnum's Guide to Nutrition (with 10 simple rules)

Magnum’s guide to nutrition with 10 simple rules

With the 2020 new year upon us I’m sure a lot of folks out there will be making resolutions. And with the over-eating and indulgence of Christmas many will now want to focus on their fitness.

Make no mistake, looking lean and fit will help your game. Getting your body fat to at least the 15-17% range will improve your jawline and likely improve your testosterone levels as well.

This helps you whether you’re doing direct approach or for your pictures in online game. All things being equal you will do better when you look your best for your age and genetics. This goes double if you’re like me and prefer to date women half your age.

One thing I’m often asked is how do I keep lean and fit despite being in my mid 40’s. Staying lean and fit gets harder as you get older, and I’m often told I look 5-10 years younger than my age. Nash likes to say I look like a “retied super hero” which I take as big a compliment that I look my best given my age.

In the end 80% of the battle is nutrition as opposed to working out. It took me a long time to learn this. I have several long term sports injuries from a life time of contact and distance sports that have limited my exercise to just daily walks and upper body weight lifting twice a week.

But the good news is these injuries forced me to do the reading and consult with nutritional experts to learn what works. It comes down to nutrition.

And I’m going to break down what I’ve learned for you lucky bastards into a few key rules anyone with discipline can follow.

Magnum’s Nutrition Rules for Getting and Staying Lean:

  1. Practice intermittent fasting. The easiest method I’ve found is the 16:8 method, which means you fast for 16 hours each day and eat all of your meals within an 8 hour period. For most this means skipping breakfast. Coffee or tea are OK in the morning as long as you take them black.
  2. Don’t snack. If you’re practicing the 16:8 you should be eating two solid meals – lunch and dinner and that’s about it.
  3. You don’t have to do a full keto diet, but you should avoid any and all carbs that aren’t fruits or vegetables. This means you will no longer consume:
    1. Alcohol
    2. Rice
    3. Bread
    4. Dessert
    5. Dairy
    6. Fast food
    7. Juices
  4. If you do want to do keto, you’ll need to ensure your net carbs (net carbs = total grams of carbs consumed minus grams of fiber) are less than 30 a day. This can be a bit extreme and I’d recommend working with a knowledgeable nutritionist if you plan to do this to keep an eye on your bloodwork. When I developed these rules I worked with Paul Burgess at Functional Nutrition, and he’s worth the money if you can afford a coach.
  5. Your diet is going to focus on eating meat and vegetables. You’ll want to eat enough meat with your two main meals of the day so that you’re consuming about 0.8g to 1 g of protein for every pound you have of lean body weight. I’m 6’3″ and 190 pounds, so I target 155 to 190 grams of protein a day. If you’re eating this much protein trust me you will not feel hungry on this diet.
  6. I’d recommend avoiding protein powders, most are made from whey protein which is dairy – and dairy is inflammatory.
  7. Besides the protein component, the rest of your meals will be a big assortment of vegetables. It’s almost impossible to eat too many vegetables. Do your best to make sure you mix up the kind of vegetables you eat. One method is to get a variety of colors with every meal. This ensures you’re getting a wide variety of healthy nutrients as well.
  8. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.
  9. Lift weights 2-3 times a week. A friend of mine has written an excellent online guide to this.
  10. No matter how well you eat it’s difficult to get enough of certain key nutrients. They just aren’t in our foods in high enough levels. I follow a extensive daily supplement routine, but here is the short list of key supplements that most westerners are not getting enough of:
    1. Fish oil. You want to ensure your omega 3 fat intake exceeds that of your omega 6 fat intake. Few can achieve this without supplementation. Liquid fish oil is absorbed much better than capsules, the link takes you to the brand I personally use.
    2. Zinc. This is essential to testosterone production and very tough to get enough through diet.
    3. Magnesium. Another essential mineral for testosterone production that you can’t get enough of through diet. This has the added benefit of helping to relax sore muscles and help with sleep as well.
    4. Vitamin D. One of the cheapest supplements there is and again almost impossible to get enough through diet alone. Like fish oil, liquid vitamin D is absorbed better by your body so that’s what I recommend.

I can hear it already . Most will complain that this is too strict, especially the not drinking any alcohol part.

My response is just try it for a month without deviation. You will see the results and then will want to keep going if you care about being lean.

Good nutrition is a lifestyle not a one time thing. To get the results of being lean you need to stick with it every day.

I provided this set of rules to a co-worker of mine in his 40’s, and he lost 40 pounds in 9 months. The results will speak for themselves. You will be leaner, have more energy, and improve your testosterone levels as well.

Here’s a screenshot of my last testosterone lab results to show you what I mean. I’m in my mid 40’s, follow the above rules, but do not take any hormone therapies or other medications:

Note my levels were about half of this 6 years ago when I exercised more but didn’t follow the above diet and supplementation routine.

If you’re looking for a good book to help you with this, I recommend “Wired to Eat” by Robb Wolf who popularized the paleo diet. It has all the science to support the above, plus a ton of recipes for meals.

Finally I’ll have to caveat this post by saying I’m not a healthcare practitioner or nutritionist. I’m simply sharing what has worked very well for me. Your results may vary. But I hope this helps those of you with the interest and discipline to stick with it.

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23 thoughts on “Magnum's Guide to Nutrition (with 10 simple rules)”

  1. Excellent post Magnum. Definitely a fan of intermittent fasting, as well as multiple day bone broth fasts. Will do wonders for your health. For low carb eating, I think most people have issues with it cause they’ll try it for a few days and give up do the carb withdrawal feelings, which indeed suck but do pass. Meat and veggies are such a simple staple, and with the right seasonings, will never get boring. Do you allow yourself alcohol once a week when you’re on such a protocol?

    Your testosterone levels….WOW. I’m on TRT and those are my levels 2 days after my shot! I’m on my fitness goal at the moment and at 20% bodyfat and looking to half that by the end of June. I’m curious if my levels will shoot even higher as my weight drops.

    On the supplementation with fish oils, I’d make sure to check out higher quality ones, since the fish oil caps that are mostly sold can be oxidized and thus of little use. I use something called Clinician’s Preference, they’re the omega 3 and 6 oils that are derived from organic flax oil among other sources. The oils are also extracted under a “blanket” of inert gas, so no oxygen interacts with the oils, thus being unoxidized!


    1. No I avoid all alcohol. It’s easier to stick with something if you keep the same rules every single day.

      You’re right on the fish oil. The tabs are worthless. That’s why I recommended the liquid fish oil in the link above, that brand works well for me. I’ll update the post accordingly.

      In addition to the diet above helping my T levels, they say that even just being around younger women will raise an older man’s levels, let alone dating and fucking them. So one more reason to learn game ;)


      1. You sold me on hanging out and fucking younger women! That’s another goal of mine this year! As a guy well out of practice with dating (my last 2 FBs literally fell into my lap), where would I start with the learning of such game? Any advantages to doing online game vs. in person game?


        1. There’s no better time than the present to get started. I’d say it takes around two years of making game a priority to “get good at game”.

          My post at the top of this site “the best 15 books for game” is a great starting point. I plan to post more resources on this later in 2020:

          You can meet girls through social circle, night game, day game, or online. They all have their trade offs. I’d say online only works if you’re in the top 5-10% of looks of all men (regardless of age). Day game is probably the best option for most men.

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  2. Most of this is excellent advice, but I wonder if you have any scientific evidence for point 6, “dairy is inflammatory”? I have recently read numerous books about the science of nutrition, including low carb, and I have not seen any solid evidence that that statement is true. As a pescatarian who doesn’t particularly like fish, much of my protein comes from dairy. On a low carb diet, I agree that it could be important to avoid milk because of the sugar lactose, whereas in cheese and yoghurt most of the sugars have been turned into lactic acid.

    Also you didn’t mention the gut microbiota, which has a huge influence on our bodies and minds. Just having the right bugs in your gut can make the difference between being lean or overweight. I recommend reading the Good Gut by Sonnenburg for a basic introduction to what is an enormously complex and still nascent field of study.

    I do 16:8 almost every day and stick to a moderately low carb diet. My body fat is around 12%, my total T when last measured was over 1200 ng/dL (completely natural, no juicing) and my free T around 14 (ref. range 3-15). Not bad for 60 years old.

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    1. Gut biome is huge. On JRE Dr. Rhonda Patrick states a few of her studies on this topic.

      I love eating raw organic sauerkraut from Trader Joe’s or Costco. Excellent source of gut friendly bacteria in a cup sized portion. Has to be raw as well, not the pasteurized stuff that’s common at the store.


  3. Isn’t getting omega 3 from flaxseed enough? I eat ground flaxseed with oats every morning. About 4 table spoons.


  4. Hey Magnum,
    I’m curious how you fit in enough protein with just two meals. That would be a lot of steak, salmon or eggs for example to consume within two sittings. I find it a challenge to consume enough protein even with breakfast and protein powder. Mind posting some example meals that you do?


    1. Yes that’s the point, if you do this right you’re never going to be hungry because you’re eating a high amount of protein. That makes it easier to cut out all the simple carbs, etc

      A sample meal for me would be a 300g New York steak friend in coconut oil along with a giant plate full of baked vegetables (sweet potatos, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower) drizzled with some avocado oil.

      The “Wired to Eat” book I recommend above has tons of recipes and examples.


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