Attractive Male Archetypes

With the China virus lockdown I haven’t had as much to write about. I’ve been gaming less new girls because most haven’t been willing to come out, and many have moved home with family and away from the city. The herd has been spooked.

Thankfully I’ve had my main girl and regulars, even as I’ve missed gaming new girls at my old rate. But things will open up again soon.

Despite the less gaming I’ve been too busy to write. The silver lining of the lockdown has been that was an excellent time to invest in yourself. I’ve used the extra time to improve my business, make strategic investments to take advantage of the market volatility, and also to continue my fitness and health goals.

To me this is a big part of what being a man is about. We must have a larger mission in life that we’re working towards. By this I mean a vision for where we want to be in 20 years and a clear plan we’re making progress against that will take us there.

Women are great. But game and women alone aren’t enough. These things can’t be your mission.

I view success with women like I view good nutrition. You need to know how to eat right to be healthy and fit, just like you need to know game and relationship management in order to have good sex and the dating life you want. But good nutrition alone is not enough to be fit, and women alone are not enough to make you happy.

Yes, if you do either of these things poorly you will be miserable. Dating, like nutrition, is necessary but not sufficient by itself to make you happy for the long term. But once you learn how to manage nutrition and women these things they simply become habits and process that contribute to your day to day enjoyment as you work on your larger goals.

Which leads me to the point of this post: Having a mission in life that you’re passionately working towards will also help your game tremendously.

It doesn’t matter what the mission is. What matters is that you’ve defined who you are and what you’re life is, and that you are passionate about it.

Women don’t directly care about your mission. That’s too abstract. Women are beings of feeling, and those feelings are instinctive responses to stimuli. Cause and effect.

What women want to sense in you is that you have a rock solid core and that you’re going somewhere good.

Krauser calls this out in his famous post on soul collection. Jimmy Jambone consistently emphasizes the attraction switches triggered in women from a high value man. And Thomas Crown recently wrote about a great post about understanding your niche and making sure you maximize what it is about you that appeals to that niche. I highly recommend every man in the game read and internalize these posts.

Having a larger mission will also go a long way towards inoculating you against the emotional ups and downs in your women life as well. This again makes you more attractive.

(If you’re looking for help in setting your mission I highly recommend the book, “The Unchained Man” or even signing up for coaching)

Applying All This to Game

The way I see your mission come out in the early stages of seduction is that who you are is aligned to certain attractive male archetypes. This helps with the initial impression that you make, from opening through the first few weeks of dating (if you choose to go that far).

If who you actually are deep inside is congruent with one of these archetypes it will expand the range of girls who are attracted to you, and improve your conversion rates as well.

Your mission and your identity should congruently combine with your style, attractive masculine traits, and personality to form an overall attractive package. From the opening through the initial dating phases that overall attractive package will usually fall into one or more attractive archetypes.

Here are a few examples of what I mean:

ArchetypeSome ExamplesWhy Archetype is Attractive
Rebel– Jeremy Meeks
– Travis Scott
– etc
– Goes his own way / not a follower
– Independent
– Exciting
– Unpredictable
– Willing to emote
– Successful risk taker
– Dominant
Artist– Jared Leto
– Johnny Depp
– musicians
– writers
– etc
– Willing to emote
– Pre-selection
– Social status
– Exciting
– Unpredictable
– Can take her into his world
Playboy– Patrick Schwarzenegger
– Leonardo DiCaprio
– club promoters
– etc
– Pre-selection
– Social status
– Exciting experiences
Daddy– Liam Neeson
– Cary Grant
– etc
– Leader
– Protector of loved ones
– Experienced
– Calm, always in control
– Confident
– Dominant
– Gives her structure she craves
– Successful in his domain
– Can take her into his world

I’m sure you can think of plenty of other examples, but this should give you the idea.

With all these archetypes the key is to be authentic. A hipster artist wannabe will be highly unattractive. The archetype needs to be who you are.

Notice how many of the examples could actually fit into a few of the archetypes. Jared Leto for example could likely fit across the rebel, artist, and playboy archetypes.

Here’s the bottom line. Define your life’s mission and work on it every single day. Leverage it in a congruent way so that who you are comes across in one or more attractive archetypes for women, and it will help you game.

Welcome your thoughts and comments as always.

– Magnum

Author: Magnum

4 thoughts on “Attractive Male Archetypes”

  1. > The silver lining of the lockdown has been that was an excellent time to invest in yourself.

    Yes to this. Perhaps I was lucky as the Daygame Gods hooked me up with a regular (from the very few approaches I did in January before things went sideways here in Japan). Because of that, I’ve had a lot of practice with wrangling her (and plenty of sex) over the last few months. The Gods can be cruel, but in this instance I have survived the lockdowns well.

    But… I am very much into this idea of INVESTMENT. I have really doubled down on investing in this period. I have read a lot (lots of new ideas/source material for my writing). I worked out, even as my gym was closed (and my pull-ups are solid now, 2X where I was at in Jan). And I have a lot of progress on side-business.

    And how this relates to GAME for me is fruit of the investments themselves (the ideas from books, the physical strength, the progress on business, and what I learned from my current girl), but more so… the INTERNAL demonstration of discipline.

    Last year I shifted almost all my personal focus in Game from “tactics” to fundamentals of “inner game.”

    I think the REASON why a set might hook (or a girl might fall in love), has a lot to do with how much you TRUST YOURSELF when you post up in front of her on a pickup or date. Or when she shit tests you. And that “trusting yourself” is not that mysterious. You can dial that up with both specific GAINS in your life and MOMENTUM toward goals. Inner Game can be built and improved.

    Covid sucked. And it still sucks. But I have forever cemented some INNER GAME wins to these past months. I proved I could do something… even when I was only guy walking around town for weeks here in Japan (this city was a ghost town for weeks).

    I have PROOF of what I am capable of. And that makes me more solid.

    Love the archetype stuff, but that investment bit hits hard for me.

    Viva Magnum. Hope NYC opens up for you. This too shall pass.

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