Remember the Nature of Women

One of the biggest mistakes I see men is to think of women as being like men. This is fundamentally wrong.

Yes men and women have equal value and much of this comes down to the individual. But it’s a huge mistake to treat women like men, as we have very different natures.

Women are in the moment. They can sense more of the world around them and also empathetically pick up and reflect the feelings of those around them. This is why your leadership as a man with the women in your life is so important…they need to feel your strength and direction.

I like to think of women as sailing ships. Beautiful and sleek. But they can’t go anywhere without the direction of the wind (men). Often a girl is a ship adrift waiting and hoping for the right wind to take her to destinations unknown.

The final point I’ll make here is that although society talks much about “partners” your woman is not your partner in the equal sense of the word. Do not be fooled by this talk.

She’s your partner in matters domestic where she excels, children, the home, even group politics. But your woman is not the one to set the direction in your partnership. That’s your role as the man.

Deep down women don’t want to care about politics, money, or larger events. Don’t burden them with this talk, handle it elsewhere.

Women are focused on the immediate, the things around them, the things they can “feel”. That is their strength. As it should be.

Remember the right romantic dynamic between a man and his woman is the daddy/daughter dynamic.

Author: Magnum

3 thoughts on “Remember the Nature of Women”

  1. If I could give one lesson to teenage boys and young men out there, it would be the one above. We’ve been taught, due to the obsession with equality, that women are just like men only with different parts–and perhaps red pill 101 is that this is not the case…like, at all.
    Chicks are so much more driven by emotion and the moment than men, so much less rational, yet far more socially adept and able to understand social dynamics than men. And one thing since swallowing the pill stands out in particular: women WILL NOT admit fault in most situations. Like, almost never. There’s always an excuse or it’s someone else’s fault, or some combination thereof–and sure, men do this sometimes too–but it’s almost like programming for women.
    Good post!


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