Now is the Time to Accelerate

2020 was a tough year…and a massive opportunity.

Most people would say 2020 was a tough year. Lockdowns. Political unrest. Small business going under. People begging for token $600 checks from their governments who caused all this mess in the first place.
And yet 2020 was a year of massive opportunity.  There was never a better year for making investments…if you had the foresight and stomach to stay in or even add to investments in April when stocks were a bargain.  

Restaurants and nightlife were mostly closed. But there was never a better year to focus on your health, improving your diet, and developing a solid workout routine without ever having to pay gym fees again.

2020 was a tough year for dating. But this was the perfect year to develop and improve your online dating skills, as well as your retention ability with regular girls. 

Did you have the discipline to seize the opportunity that 2020 offered you?

The challenges and opportunities of 2020 are going to accelerate into 2021 and beyond.

Those with the strength and discipline to seize these opportunities will prosper like never before. 

Those who are weak will fall further behind.

Now is the time to make the right choice for yourself. 

Author: Magnum

4 thoughts on “Now is the Time to Accelerate”

  1. I have been reading some of your posts, I first heard of you over at Red Quest’s blog.

    My question would be, how can you afford your lifestyle? You say you basically have several girlfriends at once, isn’t that very demanding in terms of time (and sometimes money)? Doesn’t it make you unfocus from work?

    Sorry if you addressed that already somewhere.


    1. Glad you like the blog. And that’s a great question. I think there’s two elements to what you’re asking – time and money.

      Keep in mind that I actually don’t have several girlfriends at once, I typically date several girls at once. This distinction means I see girls I’m dating one night per week, max. And it means I intentionally don’t invest a lot of money into what we do. This keeps things in “lover” mode vs boyfriend mode…the focus is on having good sex and having fun.

      Money-wise with my two date model, my first date with a girl is usually drinks or coffee, and the 2nd date is dinner at my place. So typically I’ve spent less than $30 on a girl by the time we have sex. I never buy girls gifts no matter how long I’ve dated them. So dating isn’t that big an expense for me.

      Time-wise I keep first dates to about an hour. So I can do a first date early on a given night, and then see a regular later that evening if I choose. Even so if I’m seeing 2-3 regulars a week that still leaves plenty of evenings where I have time to myself to read or work on projects, or hit up other girls online to generate more leads. I do work a lot during the day which I enjoy (I tend to work 7 days a week), and this is always a priority over women. But I don’t play video games or watch sports or TV, and I don’t have kids, so this may give me more time for dating than other men.

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