Female Rejection and the Art of Game

In this short video Dannybooboo work’s through the age old question of why women do what they do including:

  • Why do women do seemingly random things?
  • Is a woman’s perceived reality different than true reality?
  • Do attractive women ever actually experience rejection?

This led me to a couple of thoughts.

Girls do experience plenty of rejection, but it’s different from how men experience.

Girls also do experience reality accurately, but it’s a filtered version of it (just like men do…but the filters are different so each sex sees a subset of reality and uses that to their interest).

One way I think of women is essentially a “walking womb” (womb-man). She has the eggs which are the gateway to reproduction and she gets to decide who gets a shot and breeding with her eggs.

Deep to a woman’s core she wants the best quality DNA she can find to fertilize her, and nothing less. Everything women do is to filter men for quality, they only choose the best quality they can get.

Women are amazingly good at this, the filter of reality they see works very well for this.

Everything else in their view of reality is secondary, essentially at a deep level their bodies know men will take care of the rest for them as long as they can find and keep high quality men in their life.

I do think girls experience plenty of rejection, even attractive ones. Some specific examples of rejection that girls experience are:

  • The guy they want to approach them doesn’t (this increases over time as they age. I’d say 80% of women don’t get approached because they’re not a cute girl in prime age…we just don’t see these invisible women).
  • The guy they want to text them / return their text doesn’t.
  • The guy who took them out on a date doesn’t text for another date.
  • The guy who fucks them doesn’t contact them afterwards.
  • The guy they’re dating won’t commit to monogamy/marriage/whatever next step.
  • The man they’re in a relationship with dumps them.

    All this is even more painful for women because above all else they crave quality male attention (because this is what leads to everything else they need, good quality DNA and provisioning/protection).

One of the best dynamics to bring to your game is to take on the frame of being the chooser.

It’s an art to get to this point because in reality as men we’re the ones who are pursuing. But to have that frame of constantly evaluating her, being critical of her responses/behavior (in a cocky/funny way) gives her the anxiety of this guy could reject me so I have to work hard to win him because he’s a prize.

Ultimately this is where you want to be, because women date up. They need to feel this tension/anxiety of he may reject me.

It’s core to game.

Author: Magnum


4 thoughts on “Female Rejection and the Art of Game”

  1. > Girls do experience plenty of rejection

    Lance Mason (Pickup 101) has one of my favorite comments on girls getting rejected… This is in the dating phase. Something like:

    “Every girl has been rejected for going too slow, and for going too fast.”

    I believe that. The avg girl has had 1000s of sexual experiences (“men making offers”) even before she turns 20. Most guys she won’t like… But many she will. She wanted some of those guys, their attn, maybe more.

    And she got burned for going to fast (being needy, scaring him off) or going too slow (being prude, missing the timing/momentum).

    So… When she is with you… Both “fears” can potentially go thru her head…

    Especially if she likes you.


  2. >>I do think girls experience plenty of rejection, even attractive ones. Some specific examples of rejection that girls experience are:

    Absolutely: there are different levels, https://theredquest.wordpress.com/2019/10/17/what-do-i-mean-by-levels-of-game-seduction-discussion/, and girls can get to sex quickly and easily (too quickly, as you note). “Sex ….. is is a fulcrum point, and it’s often where the female discussion starts: women want to know how, once a man has high enough status to lay them, to please the man and keep him interested and around. A lot of the male discussion ENDS here.”

    The hard thing for women is retaining guys. This is especially important psychologically, because, historically, a woman who’s been fucking a guy for a few months is almost always going to be pregnant, if she’s otherwise healthy and hasn’t hit menopause.

    We’re all playing the game with instincts that evolved long before birth control and IUDs.

    And women think that, if the guy isn’t returning her texts, etc., it’s because he has so many options that he must be really really good. That is a foundation of many girls’s seemingly counterproductive and weird behavior.

    Understand the evolution and understand the behavior.

    Most chicks hate talking about evolutionary biology… they’d prefer to live in ignorance and feelings.


  3. Oh man that video is classic. If women are random in general, Latinas probably take the cake for most random.

    I can’t stand the incel/blackpill frame of “women have it so easy”. I would hate to be a woman. Imagine having to sort through hundreds, thousands of thirsty guys on the quest to find a long-term partner. And losing value and happiness for each guy you sleep with that doesn’t commit.


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