Halloween Updates

Just caught up with with Breeze and Mr V over dinner and drinks this evening and realized it’s been a while since I’ve given an update here.

As I posted at the beginning of the year this has been a time to accelerate. Although I’ve continued to game as always, my focus has been on business ventures and the unprecedented opportunities the response to Covid has brought about…especially in trading and crypto (although this is not financial advice BowTied Bull is a great place to start, along with other opportunities in the space).

But from a game perspective things have been slowly improving in NYC, although on the whole dating is tougher than it was before Covid. Maybe it’s because fear from the pandemic made girls value relationships more over short term flings, or maybe it’s that my priorities have changed and it’s been reflected in my results.

Difficult to say for sure, but here are few brief updates of some recent adventures:

  • Last week I laid a brunette I met on Hinge who has a thing for older men (she had it in her profile). The vibe was on so I opted to go for a first date lay instead of my usual two date model. We had a drink at my favorite little first date cocktail bar, and then when she rejected the pull home I bounced her to my back-up venue and shared another drink with her there.

    First venue I mostly ran attraction with some light kino, and in the second venue I stepped up the comfort. We had a moment at the second venue where I just gave her a strong, sexual stare and she giggled and looked away. It was on.

    After our drink I simply walked her straight to my building while talking small talk with her and not even mentioning where we were going. Good compliance and she followed along the whole time. It took another hour of chit-chat and some working through some last minute LMR to finally close her and get the lay.

    By the time she left it was 3am and I realized the sex really wasn’t worth the effort and lost sleep. I’ll be sticking with my two date model from now on because it’s more efficient. With the two date model I rarely get LMR, and I like to be fresh in the morning rather then being up half the night to get the lay.

  • Hit a couple of costume Halloween club parties with my main girl. Definitely my favorite holiday…girls have the perfect excuse to dress and be slutty. Was my first time in a club since Covid and I enjoyed feeling my girl’s slinky little body dance in to me. It almost felt like New York was back to the way it was.
NYC almost back in the swing of things
  • Ran a two date model with a cute blonde design school student. Very bubbly. First date was before Halloween. One drink at my go to first date venue and then I cut it short. Energy was high the whole time. She accepted my pitch for a 2nd date dinner at my place the Monday after Halloween. No resistance to coming to my place, which was a major green light.

    I kissed her right before dinner and she exclaimed how she wasn’t even sure before that if I liked her (a little mystery is always a good thing), and after dinner again I made strong eye contact which made her giggle and look away. I escalated on the couch and got her revved up so by the time I went to take her pants off she was very ready and excited.

    Great sex, and she initiated for the 2nd round. After fucking twice she started to tell me about “how she never does this” and how “unexpected this all was”. We left on a positive vibe but she ghosted after my follow up text. Not sure why, but I suspect I’ve been putting out too much of a player vibe. She brought up that I had been on a date before with one of her friends as well.

    I’ll ping her one more time in a week before writing her off, but it’s been a common sticking point in NYC this past 12 months where girls I like with a good vibe ghost me after the first time we fuck. That said, it could be a New York thing. On a recent trip I had to eastern Europe where after sex a girl asked me “if we were boyfriend/girlfriend now?”.

  • Another interesting theme this year is that I’ve had random girls from past years hit me up out of the blue. Not sure if this is another post Covid trend, with girls maybe dumping their Covid BF’s and wanting to explore again but it’s been a nice bonus.

    I had a date yesterday with a Colombian girl that I daygamed in SF with Nash three years ago. We only fucked once before, but we pinged a few times over the years and she just hit me up out of the blue to say she’s now in NYC and wanted to hang out (I found out later she’s in the process of dumping her Covid boyfriend).

    We met for dinner and then she agreed to come back to my place for a drink saying “I want to see your place”. Again had her smiling and looking away with the strong intent of my eye contact, sex was even better than I had remembered and she’s now in the rotation.

I don’t have an overarching theme to this post. I’ll always be gaming new girls to some degree, because as Roissy used to say you should “always keep two in the kitty” because a “man with options is a man without need”. Words to live by. But women alone are not enough in life. My focus has been on building other parts of my life and taking advantage of the window of opportunity we have here in 2021. Hopefully you’re all doing the same.

– Magnum

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