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Thanks for checking out my blog. Below are a few of my favorite posts so far. I welcome your thoughts and comments, as well as any suggestions on what you’d like me to post about.

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This is a summary of my first date model that a few friends have asked me for and has received a lot of views. This is a summary of my rules for retention of girls you want to keep in your life.

In this post I cover the secrets to both happiness in life and game. This may be my favorite post yet.

This post on the daddy/daughter dynamic. I build on this them in my post about relationships on my terms. Although not my favorite, my post on the deepest of red pills has by far gotten the most views.

I get asked a lot how I look young and lean for a man my age. Here’s the simple guide to nutrition I wrote. This took me years to develop and I wrote it out in one simple post. I’ve also posted my basic lifting routine that takes only a few pieces of simple equipment.

Here is a good summary of how to pull together a threesome.

Finally my best post so far may be my thoughts on the “end game” for men like me who don’t want to settle down (hint: there is no end game).

Thanks for taking the time to check it out and leaving your thoughts.

– Magnum

2 thoughts on “New? Start Here”

  1. Hey Magnum, it seems a lot of the links are dead. Could we get an update? I’d love to read (and potentially link to) your articles


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