Want to Get Better at Game? Read these books

Although experience is the best teacher, I’ve learned a tremendous amount from the books below.

They’ve greatly accelerated by learning curve and I’d highly recommend any of these.

A small dollar investment and a few hours of reading can save you hundreds of hours by making you more effective. Even for experienced men there is always something to learn.

Welcome your feedback and suggestions:


Mystery Method – Slightly dated, but full of actionable nuggets. This is the book that formalized the attraction-comfort-seduction model on which modern pickup is based. Good basics for game overall as well as nightgame.

Daygame Mastery & Daygame Infinity – Krauser’s definitive textbooks on daygame. The texting guides here alone are worth the price, and he covers inner game and dating models too. I’d recommend beginners do a few hundred approaches first before diving in to these.

The Ultimate Online Dating Manual – The most effective process I’ve used for online dating. I get asked how do I make online dating work for me…I simply follow the exact process in this book.

Get to Sex Fast – My preferred dating model and guide. I’ve combined what’s worked best for me from this as well as Krauser’s books in my post on Magnum’s first date model.


The Sex God Method (I realize this book is out of print, but if you’re interested in buying a PDF version you can email me) – By far the best book I’ve read on sex. It advocates a very effective framework of combining dominance, emotion, variety, and intensity that fucking works. Even if you’re good in bed you can get better, this books covers all the basics and intermediate skills you could need.

Sex Clubs, Non-monogamy,and Game – one of a kind book on using sex clubs and parties for harem management and getting new casual sex partners. Advanced stuff, you can read my review here.

My Secret Garden – compilation of what women really fantasize about, but rarely share. I often reference this book on first dates to let girls know “I get it”.

Harem Management:

The Ultimate Open Relationships Guide & the Open Marriage Manual (How to live with a woman)- Blackdragon isn’t for everyone, but his good stuff is in his books. The open relationships is for dating girls you don’t live with, and the open “marriage” manual is for managing open relationships with a woman you do live with.

Both are crisply written and the techniques are on point. These are the only books you need on how to effectively “spin plates” if you’re looking for more to keep relationships in your life while . Definitely helped me get to the point where I have relationships on my terms.

Pimp – Iceberg Slim’s autobiography is worth a ready for those interested in pimp techniques for harem retention. Dark and advanced but effective, although I find Mickey Royal’s books to be even more effective.

The Story of O – written by a woman, much like My Secret Garden this book gives a ton of red pill insight into women’s sexual desire, and how it’s responsive to desire and dominance. Note how easily she transitions from her cuck lover Rene to the more alpha Sir Stephen. This novel is as good a manual on BDSM and game as any.


The Unchained Man – This is the best all round single book I’ve read for lifestyle design for men. Learn the framework for developing both your financial independence and your ability to attract and manage the women in your life. Highly recommended you start here.

Sperm Wars – if you want to know why men and women do the things they do in the sexual market place, this is your book. What makes it compelling is it illustrates the science with scenario stories. This is one of the most red pill books on the human condition you will ever read.

I also highly recommend reading RSD Tyler’s famous post on the “Secret Society”. It’s a fundamental metaphor to help men understand the non-judgmental attitude it takes to be an effective player.

Noble Savages – First hand experience of anthropologist that lived with the last untouched tribe in the Amazon. Incredibly red pill. This book clearly illustrates what human beings are in our natural state and it’s all about competition for sex. The men spend their time killing each other and competing for women. The women are happily and constantly fucking whomever is alpha, which constantly shifts.

Habits of a Happy Brain – very readable guide on the four brain chemicals that make you happy (Dopamine, Endorphins, Oxytocin, and Serotonin). Workable advice on how to structure your life to maximize these as well as how to build good habits (like daygame approaching).

The Way of the Superior Man – David Deida reads a bit metaphysical at first, but he’s actually very red pill, meaning he accurately describes the world, men, and women as they are not as how he wants them to be, and gives you actionable tools on how to make the most of it. Highly recommended.

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