SantaCon Updates

December tends to be the slowest month for game. With the cold weather and the holiday’s girls tend to “cuff” up with a boyfriend for the holiday period or just take things slower for a few weeks.

Thousands of Santa Clauses flood the streets of New York ...
It’s that time of year again…

But not to worry, this is an excellent time of year to continue to enjoy experiences with the regular girls in your rotation, as well as to develop your skills and other parts of your life.

In no particular order, here are three great resources I came across recently:

  • Thomas Crown post a great summary of his top 10 daygame lessons from 2021. There’s probably a good learning in here for everyone. I especially agree with his tip that if she comes out for a 2nd date assume the lay is on. Worth reading the whole post.

  • Many of you I’m sure investing in crypto here in the big crypto bull run over the last year. If you’re holding Ethereum and are looking for ways to earn interest on it, Bankless wrote an easy to understand summary of multiple ways to do this, from beginners staking on an exchange to advanced users running their own ETH validator. Some good options here for anyone wanting to hold their ETH long term and earn ~ 5% interest on top of it.

  • One of my most popular posts to date has been my guide to nutrition. But in it I really didn’t emphasize enough the importance of good supplementation. Even if you eat a perfect diet, it’s almost impossible to get all the nutrients you need because modern farming techniques strip much of the nutrients from your food.

    So I’d like to call out the importance of a few key supplements, one of which is Zinc.

    Zinc helps your immune system (which is great for avoiding colds and covid) while also boosting your natural testosterone levels, amongst many other benefits which you can read about here. Make sure you’re taking zinc daily.

Hope you find those useful. And remember, mid January to mid March is my favorite time to game new girls and it’s just around the corner.

Author: Magnum

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